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Asphalt Green in BPC is Open, Hooray!

On June 15th, Battery Park City has opened the long-awaited Asphalt Green located on 555 E 90th St  New York, NY 10128. They are open: Mon-Fri from 5:30 AM to 9:45 PM and Sat – Sun from 8:00 AM to 7:45 PM. You will need a membership to enter, but you can also pay a daily fee, if you would like to take a class for the day or use their facilities. The different class schedules can be found here on their website. & their membership info is found here!!

Asphalt Green was scheduled to open a year ago, but due to different negotiations and damages from Hurricane Sandy, it has opened this year– better than never! They were kind to allow the public to take free demonstration classes and use their different facilities for no charge during the first week. Described by Carl Glassman in his article, people from members to tourists were lined up on the Grand Opening day. So many people enjoyed Asphalt Green’s swimming lanes, basketball courts, and their gym machines! A lot of people have decided to start going to Asphalt Green to get their daily workouts!

Asphalt Green’s mission is to provide fun classes to promote an active lifestyle! It is not aimed for only adults. They love their youths! Registrations for youths to come and play various sports from swimming lessons to basketball, martial arts, flag football, soccer, etc. are open! There will be so many sports that your youth will enjoy! They also have private swimming lessons.

Also, did you know that Asphalt Green holds Birthday Parties for children?! It just gets better, right? They have different birthday packages; remember to reserve ahead of time! Their super-friendly staff will hold fun games for the birthday party guests and the birthday child themselves! Parties range from pool parties to obstacle course parties! Of course refreshments will be served as well as a gift to the birthday kid! I’m very sure the parties will be talked for the whole year!!

For more information, you can check out their website!



Spy Fashion: what’s your frame?

Today, July 8, we are hosting a Wig in the Window Spy Workshop at Babesta Cribz! Kristen Kittscher will teach a group of young boys and girls how to create the best spy story! Inspired by this event, we wondered, “What would a great spy outfit be?” Using all our resources here at Babesta, we tracked down a few clothes and accessories that will be great for our adorable Spies!

Great for both boys and girls, these spy outfits will help our spies look stylish while tracking down who ate the last cookie ! The adorable tees remind us of spies, while the fedoras really compliment the outfit. These cute Sons and Daughters Sunglasses really complete the outfit, and the spy kit and notebook can help our little spies look for and write down clues!

spyfashionFrom left to right:

Goodie Two Sleeves’ Panda Square Tee found here.

Goorin’s Tad Bewell Jr. Stingy Fedora found here.

Goodie Two Sleeve’s Hipster Kitty Snaptee found here.

Sons and Daughters’ Bobby Sunglasses- Liquid Metal found here.

Sons and Daughters’ Hunter Sunglasses- Blue found here.

Bobo Choses’ Mixed Shapes Skirt found here.

Seedling’s Top Secret Spy Kit found here.

Blatomat’s Organic Beige Leggings found here.

Munster Kids’ Snow Leopard Jeans found here.

K & Company’s SMASH Folio found here.

Gorin’s Lil Hagar Plaid Fedora found here.

Wild and Wolf’s Pinhole Camera found here.


Definitely read A Wig in the Window by Kristen Kittscher to enter the spy adventure of Sophie Young and Grace Yang! This is a must read filled with funny dialogues and intense spy action! They must discover what really went down in Dr. Agford’s house that night they discovered a bloody scene in her kitchen! (Dr. Agford was actually making her famous pickled beets!) It will be great for children, and reading this book with this outfit can maybe trigger awesome spy activities!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for pictures of today’s events!