An Ugly Doll Lost in Love

looking for love

Lonely #uglydoll Betty felt a #Februarychill
Needed that special monster to give her a thrill

So decked out in her latest #threadz
Out on the town she heads

Prepared to cross borough lines
Oh will she find ❤ #love devine?

Answering a post from monstermatch.ny
Why not give a #vday romance one more try?

Searching from the #city hall stop
Scanning the benches, would this be a flop?

Little did she know waiting in the distance
Was the hippest of monster men, who was  quite persistent ….

Will #uglydoll Betty find the monster of her dreams?
Check back on V-day and see where Betty and her Monster friends go, wear, and do!…

by: Pia Finnigan

A Night at the Museum in NYC – Grab your toothbrush!

Wouldn’t it be cool to relive “The Night at the Museum” movies and actually spend the night the museum? Yeah, we think so too! And it wouldn’t be the city if there weren’t tons of choices for an over-the-top, educational and uber cool museum sleepover – you just have to decide the theme: Animals, Intrepid or Mystery! Pack up your sleeping bags  & tooth brushes: Here are some of our favorites!

American Museum of Natural History

night at musum

Central Park West at 79th Street, Manhattan

From the enormous T-Rex display to the gigantic whale, bring the children along for an educational tour and flashlight fossil find while you spend an entire evening in a dim museum. Cost includes snacks and light breakfast as well. Check the website for more details and dates, to no one’s surpass, they  sell out quickly!

Cost: $145

Ages: 7-14

Time: 5:45pm-9am


The Bronx Museum “Family overnight Safari”

kidhattan image(Image via kidhattan) 

2300 Southern Blvd, Bronx

RRRROAR!!!! Imagine having a slumber party with the lions tigers and bears, well here you have it! During this safari overnight you get a sneak peak of what the animals are up to once the suns down. Must bring your own tent and picnic dinner. Beverages dessert and late-night snack will be provided.

Cost: $175

Ages: 5 and up

Time: 4:30pm-10:00am


Intrepid Museum “Operation Slumber”


Pier 86, West 46th St & 12th Ave

This cool slumber experience includes fun sea and space exhibits that the entire family can enjoy. Admission includes Space Shuttle Pavilion Meals (dinner, snacks & breakfast), Scavenger Hunts, a Ride on our XD Theater Cosmic Coaster, Goodie bag for youth participant w/T-shirt and more.

Cost: $120

Ages: 6-17

Time: 6:00pm-8:00am


Historic Richmond Town’s “Mystery, Murder and Mischief Sleepover”

441 Clarke Avenue, Staten Island

Step back in time at this  sleepover,  although only available for private parties and groups of up to 20 children this proves to be an interesting night, guests take a candlelight tour of the early American town and witness a mock murder trial at the 1837 courthouse, where they bunk down for the night.

Cost: $45 per child; $40 for each adult chaperone

Ages: 8-12

Time: 7:00pm-11:30am


Sleepover at Citi Field


123-01 Roosevelt Ave., Queens, 718-507-6387

A dream come true for any baseball fan. Let your little slugger spend a night on NYC’s Citifield. Lil Mets fans watch a game on the jumbo screen while snacking on their peanuts and Cracker Jacks…It’s a home run!


Via: Citifield

- Maria Burgos

Gizmos and Gadgets: What children need from CES 2015

CES imageA well-rested child with fancier feet and a brighter smile- isn’t that what all parents want? After a visit through the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 taking place in Las Vegas that might just be what you can manufacture. That is, if consumers were allowed in. The CES is an exhibition showcasing the most innovative gadgets and new technologies that are arriving on the market. When the public is able to purchase these latest everyday items that are being connected to the web here are the ones to grab.

Babies are especially hooked up this season. If you’ve recently welcomed a newborn the Slow Control Smart Baby Bottle will teach you exactly what is necessary to feed your child. A red light signals “not so good” while a green light is letting you know you are successful. Data that was typically tracked by writing it down (feeding times/amount of food) will now be sent to your smart phone and you and your baby’s pediatrician can easily access and track the feeding patterns. Amazon introduced Amazon Elements a line of baby products, including diapers and wipes, that are scanable with the company’s app to find out exactly what is being used to make the products. A smart pacifier, Pacifi, from Blue Maestro was also introduced. The pacifier can send info to your phone about when medicine was taken, can take temperature and most practical when a baby is crying the Pacifi will send an alert to your phone if the pacifier has been forgotten!

As your child grows let them know that monsters are not hiding under the bed with the SleepIQ bed from Sleep Number. Without anything being attached to the child sleep patterns are captured which is helpful in developing sleep routines. The bed also has nightlights and alerts parents when the kid is out of bed. For a more intense tracking buy your youngster a hereO watch complete with a GPS so your child’s whereabouts is always known. Sketchers developed a new gaming sneaker with the memory game Simon on the side of the shoe.
Finally there is a niftier way to brush your teeth with options from Kolibree and the Rainbow Bluetooth toothbrush from Vigilant. Both toothbrushes monitor what spots are missed in the mouth. Kolibree has the created the app Pirates and Kolibree Coach which making brushing more exciting with music and games to improve dental hygiene.

There you have it the latest and greatest in virtual parenting straight from the opening day at CES 2015!

Shop cool baby gear

-Pia Finnagin

Rockin’ around NYC Rinks

ice skating

While Rockefeller Center and Wollman Rink at Central Park are staples during prime ice skating season we’ve discovered a few locales that are must-see or just a little bit closer to home. Lace up & get ready for an ice-skating breakdown!    

Winter Village@ Bryant Park 

Winter Garden Rink at Bryant Park is an exciting, family fun-filled and just an all-round good time holiday rink. With the festive blue tree lit up as a centerpiece, tons of people buzzing around while shopping and delights being sipped while music plays- the holiday song (Christmas Bells) seems come to life in the Midtown Manhattan. Since the price is right for everyone, Free! admission (bring your own skates or rent them for a small fee) you will be sure to return. This is great for an Olympian in training who cannot get enough ice-skating trips crammed into a single season.

Ice Skating Rink @ The Standard 

If you are looking for the chicest place to be this winter then stop by the rink at The Standard. This rink is a party all around for grownups and children alike. Little ones can make use of a smaller rink where they can feel free to roam around in all directions. It’s gorgeously light at nighttime  and  the most adorable, kid friendly penguins help first-timers feel like pros. Parents can take the rink and enjoy some free stylin’ or just sit back on the plush red couches and sip cocktails by candlelight. Don’t forget to stop into the BierGarten for a night out without the kids. Be sure to make this your go-to destination after a walk along the High Line!

Brookfield Place Winter Garden

Ice skate in a most serene venue! Overlooking the marina in Battery Park City and the NJ skyline, Winter Garden’s views of the Hudson River provide a peaceful backdrop amidst the hectic city pace. Not as thick with crowds as some other options, the you can really get some great skating in if you come by during off-hours. At the center of Brookfield there are always new and exciting exhibits to be viewed. Anyone catch the Canstruction 2014 exhibit of some of the latest light shows? While you are taking a skate break run inside to the food court to grab a snack. Cannot wait until Babesta shares this space!

LeFrak Center @ Lakeside- Brooklyn

LeFrak Center is the only destination on our list with 2 rinks! Weather is never an issue. Choose from open air or a covered rink! The rink offers a special Toddler Tuesday skate around- ideal for those just starting out.

Rockefeller Center       

Once in a lifetime! Be seen and see! Show off your skills where performers like Idina Menzel, Mariah Carey, Michael Buble and Taylor Swift have helped light the classic Christmas tree. This is the iconic winter time ice skating experience. Prepare yourself for a whirlwind of colors, languages and tons, and tons of people. But experiencing the chance of a lifetime to skate with family and friends is the best part of any holiday/wintertime experience. P.S. Sneak inside for a Godiva dessert right inside 30 Rock!

Central Park Rinks: Wollman Rink & Lasker Rink 

Calling those who consider ice-skating an extreme sport! This rink is for the purist and the ever- so-slightly hardcore. Wollman rink has been featured in films such as Love Story and Serendipity so it also has a classic “New York of earlier days” feel. While traveling further uptown through the park take a whirl around Lasker Rink. Primarily for specialties—hockey/private lessons—the public can enjoy this rink too on certain dates/times.

By: Pia Finnigan


Fave Five from a Groovy Grandma!

groovy grandma

BabyLit: Goodnight Mr. Darcy

A combination of two masterpieces the childhood favorite combines with Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice. Grandma passes down the classics from her generation with a groovy twist!

Noe and Zoe: Little Bag

Sequin purse to carry all your little trinkets on the way to Grandma’s house.

Nurseryworks: Empire Rocker

Traditional mixed with modern updates this glider is the perfect addition to any home. Super comfy for the little one during relaxation time. So hop on up and cuddle up for a story-time.

Kidrobot: Yummy World Plush – XL Donut

Nom, nom, nom. Enough said! The plush pillow collection serves as the ultimate accent to any bed or lounge area for the future foodie expert.

Babesta: What Happens at Grandmas Snaptee/Tee

A Babesta original!  A trip to grandma’s house is always a good time filled with special treats & sweets. Shhh…but don’t tell mommy. This little Babesta rebel knows how to sport a “What happens at Grandmas” Snaptee!

Who said Granny isn’t down with the trends?!

Stay Tuned for more Fab5 Gift Guides! For more Babesta check out our website

By Maria & Pia

Fab Five Gifts for your Rock Star!

fab five_rockstar[2]We’ve gone Gift crazy with our top picks to fit any personality, from chicest little miss to the coolest uncle of the holidays.   Here’s our Fab five pick for the rock star Babesta kid.

Jimi Hendrix tee by Goodie two sleeves

Bring them back in time with the legendary guitarist with this Jimi Hendrix tee.

The Clash 1977 Tee by Rowdy Sprout

Rock out with this cool vintage rock band the Clash.

Black Star Scarf by Nununu

Pair this with just about any outfit just to add a touch of edge

Loog 2 Guitar by Loog guitars

From play-dates to Jam sessions, band rehearsal,  this guitar is an awesome gift. The little musician in the making would enjoy plucking the strings on this and learn to play some cool tunes for the family!

Cassette Sweater by La Miniatura

Keep them warm and rockin’! The more subtle rock-star, this pull over sweater works perfect for the laid back and collective kid.

Fab Five for An Artsy Kid!

fab five_artsy[1]

Brighten’ up the streets of NYC.  Subway tunnels to shops to parks – the city is your canvas and inspiration.  Get out there and let your creativity flow!

Late Greats: Pablo Picasso Doll

Pablo Picasso : painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist and now an adorable pillow doll! Picasso could do it all & now you can too! Everything old can be fashioned into something unique! Let Picasso guide your creative flow and use all the other artsy tools to get inventive.

Wild and Wolf: Pinhole Camera

Create anyway you can! Join the selfie craze or capture the world around you. Snap away with this camera from the 1960′s that takes real pictures! Also enjoy hours of fun with all the games and jokes that are included in the vintage style package.

Chronicle: Sukie Button Factory

Buttons galore and they are all shaped by you kiddo! All the tools are in this nifty activity set. Prints of creatures, catch phrases and icons deck out these pins.

Kidrobot: Munny Reusable

Craft from your own imagination. Complete with reusable markers and the  Munny statue doll the possibilities are endless. Good for rainy day fun, long travel trips or just when the mood strikes.  Munny doll is your vision come to life! A new way to sculpt a timeless piece of artwork (over & over again)!

Bugaboo: Warhol Banana Accessory Pack

What little artiste does not want to stroll around in wheels from an iconic American artistic master? This stroller is a fun, fresh take on the classic prints of Andy Warhol.  Add a bit of pizzazz to your ride through the streets with the Bugaboo Retrospective Collection accessory pack, including a sun canopy and tote bag!

Start drawing, painting, performing, sculpting and crafting! Who knows how many Picasso proteges are among us!

By: Pia Finnigan




Fab Finds for your Fave Fashionista

fashion gifts

Our Fab5 list struts on! We pulled together our top stylish item picks to deck out the Fashionista in your life. Dazzle the chicest little one on your holiday list with perfect pairings, trendy accessories and the swankiest décor and activities.

Bobo Choses Leopard Faux Fur Coat

Statement pieces are the corner stone of a stylish wardrobe for any age. This leopard knockout coat definitely fits the bill!

Mini Rodini Jaguar Sunglasses

Need a little shade from the spotlight? Sunglasses complete any look and you are certain to be a stunner in these shades by Mini Rodini. Stash ‘em in your purse and your accessories are done! Stroll those city streets O’Fab One!

 Abrams Books Cinderella: A Fashionable Tale

How can any fashionable miss attend a ball (the ball is wherever you want it to be #playground) without the most flawless outfit to wear? Relax and enter a whole new world while reading Cinderella: A Fashionable Tale- this modern, enjoyable twist on the classic fairy tale.

Manuela De Juan Constance Glitter Boots

Shimmer & Shine and that is just on your feet. These glitter boots  will snazz’ up any outfit and are sure to get plenty of ‘wows!’

Late Greats: Coco Chanel Doll

Coco Chanel has influenced fashion designers for years and years.  Mademoiselle, carry along this doll and be inspired yourself! A constant reminder that you can be classic and fashion-forward at all ages!

Walk the streets like it’s your runway!!

Be sure to check out for more cool fun and trendy gifts year around! Happy Shopping, Happy Holidays!

Unplugged, a must-see fashion vid & youth anthem

We love these cool kids “living off the grid” in NYC being creative and being themselves . . Babesta presents its latest project celebrating kids, fashion & creativity – this time a fashionable poem. The video was inspired by Patti Smith, The Real World, Divergent, The Hunger Games and Lord of the Flies, some of the quintessential kid-growing-up pop culture musts!  The rock star fashion is culled from Babesta’s Fall Winter 2014 collection, including indie faves Rowdy Sprout, Munster Kids, Nununu, Omamimini, La Miniatura, Mini Rodini and more. These kids definitely embody the Babesta spirit!

Ready to shop Unplugged for your own little rock star? Check out some of our uber cool rock star kids fashions here.

Videography by Katrina Tang; Art Direction & Words by Jennifer Cattaui, Styling by Babesta, Hair & Makeup by Nicole Jay; Video Editing by Randel Pomber; Music by Karel Otstavel; Video Assistant Jorgen Paabu, Production Aslan Cattaui. Unplugged is the original companion video of the F/W 14 Babesta Beat.

Watch more Babesta fashion videos on Babestatube!

A Toasty Trot around Tribeca

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 9.00.32 AM

For anyone who missed our Toasty in Tribeca photo scavenger hunt (it was a bit rainy, so it’s OK!) we wanted to continue the fun. For the rest of the week we are offering free kids’ WarmMuffs for scooters for those who complete the hunt, while supplies last. We have 6 additional pairs (size small in pink, black,  silver and blue; size Large in neon pink and blue) and challenge you to read this poem, hit each of the stops and send photo proof that you solved our riddle. We’ll also offer 20% off any 7AM items to participants. Good luck!!! End of the week=end of the concert so get scooting!


We’ll got a little hunt that we want to be a hoot

That brings you through the nabe

You might even get to scoot.

Stop 1: The first stop is the farthest, I’m so sorry to say

But I think you’ll really like it so it’s time to go OK?

West Broadway is your PATH

Straight south til you go no more

Down the moving stairway,

Past Candy Crush you’ll find a door

Open and behold y’all

It’s like Moby’s core

A white rib-like hall

Completely washed ashore.

**If it’s really busy don’t despair,

And save the escalator ride

We’ll also accept the ribs open air

That we can abide.

Stop 2: This one’s pretty easy

and it’s not too far away

Head back up to Murray

and walk on towards Broadway

You’ll see a spot where books reside

In big amounts for sure

The perfect thing to warm up with

Through an orange door

This place should be quiet

So don’t make ne’er a noise

Just quickly snap a photo

Outside or in, with poise

Stop 3: Walk to the park the mayor hangs

Outside of NY’s haute house

And look for a dark and furry friend

Who’s bigger than a mouse

It also has a bushy tail

And tiny little paws

It’s nuts about nuts & photo ops

So let’s all give an Awwww!

Stop 4: Now you’re heading back to start

To Church and Warren go

Before the corner rest at a sign

Where all zen people know

It tells you to “warm up” with them

So quickly take a shot

But save your downward dog and cat

For when time you have got

Stop 5:

Now go back to the spot

With the headphoned orange sphere

We’ll be waiting to say congrats

As soon as you get here.

Pose for one snap wearing muffs

For a scooter or a stroll

And we’ll celebrate your great mind

That solved the clues and rhymes we doled.