A Sunny Day Checking Out the Small Businesses of Tribeca




We here at Babesta want to celebrate small business week! Babesta Cribz and Babesta Threads are located in the  neighborhood of TriBeCa, which is filled with dozens of great small businesses that offer unique products.


A little reminder of the great things about shopping local:


-sustaining a cute & vibrant neighborhood (property values too!)

-environmental benefits like less pollution (take a CitiBike and check in on all of your local merchants!)

In celebration of small business week & all the cool businesses around us, we popped into visit a bunch of fellow shops today to say hello & snap some pics – we visited Stella, Cosmopolitan Café, Kitchenette, Christina Lehr, and TriBeCa Treats (and so many more!)

It’s you, our local friends who keep us all strong and running. Thank you to all for your support! We love all our customers & neighborhood.

Hello Summer, Welcome Back!

Today June 21, 2013, marks the official first day of summer, so flip down those shades, apply that sunblock, and stay hydrated.

Babesta loves not only chic and retro fashion of our kids, but also cool adult fashions as well! We recently came across Camilla Frank’s Tiger Kaftan in the Financial Times’ “Hot Looks to Stay Cool in the Sun”.

From "How To Spend it" in last Sunday's Financial Times

From “How To Spend it” in last Sunday’s Financial Times

It immediately reminded us of our cute Tiger swimsuits by Mini Rodini and Popupshop. Like mother like daughter!

Pop Up Shop Tiger Swimsuit at Babesta

Pop Up Shop Tiger Swimsuit at Babesta


Mini Rodini's Wild Tiger Striped Swimsuit

Mini Rodini’s Wild Tiger Striped Swimsuit

Time is runing out! Bath sale ends TOMORROW!

Your indoor pool need some accessories? (read bathtub) Today (June 20, 2013) and tomorrow, we are hosting a 10% off all bath items sale!! All bath items can be found in our Babesta Cribz store located on 56 Warren Street! Bath Toys, Bath Toy Organizers, Bath curtains, Hooded Towels, and more Bath items will be on sale!

Also check out our new Vine Video: vine.co/v/huz9ajY7uTI !!

Etsy’s Craft Party! Party time!

DIY and crafting lovers! An Etsy Craft Party?! In New York?! No way!

We’re totally into the whole DIY scene – so fun, and today Etsy is hosting a super-cool  Craft Party. This year’s project is to create embroidered and sewn hand puppets, uniquely decorated by you. Etsy will then donate these wonderful projects to organizations such as: Room to Grow, Children’s Aid Society, and Babby Buggy. To boot: photobooths, raffles, gift cards. . . !

It will be held in the Tobacco Warehouse at the Brooklyn Bridge and treats will be provided by Brooklyn’s well-known food trucks: Coolhaus & Kimchi Taco. It will be held today (June 20, 2013) from 5PM- 8PM, at 26 New Dock Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201. It will be a great opportunity to participate with your children, families, friends, or with all! Don’t miss out! And be sure to send us some photos; we would love to see how much fun you had!

For more information, be sure to check out Etsy’s official page!

Tattooed Kroepie doll on Etsy.

Tattooed Kroepie doll on Etsy.

Auction at Cosmopolitan Cafe on 95 West Broadway

 Let’s toast our ice cream cones to the Cosmopolitan Cafe on West Broadway. We’re sad to see this cute café leave, but be sure to visit its sister café, which is right around the corner, on 125 Chambers Street! There were so many items for auction today as the smaller space closed, including handpicked vintage pictures of local haunts, antique signs, candy displays and antique ice cream bowls. Lucky locals snapped up wonderful scoops of history, as this space points forward to the future. Good luck to Craig and the lovely crew who ran this absolutely charming neighborhood cafe. 

cosmo_auction8 cosmo_auction9

Cosmopolitan Cafe's beautiful atmosphere

Cosmopolitan Cafe’s beautiful atmosphere

cosmo_cafe2 cosmo_front

Cosmopolitan Cafe finds up for auction

Cosmopolitan Cafe finds up for auction

+ Pool, a super cool Kickstarter Campaign as seen on DesignTaxi

We are totally into this new project on Kickstarter that combines an environmental initiative  (cleaning up NYC’s waterways) and summer fun! Meet +Pool! Via Design Taxi. We invested! See ya at the pool in 2016! Read all about it here! http://designtaxi.com/news/358456/A-Project-To-Build-A-Swimming-Pool-In-New-York-City-s-East-River/

+Plus pool

Just a Peek: Babesta Fall Fashion 2013 Photoshoot

We spent Memorial Day weekend in the Berkshires, shooting an editorial style “story” for Babesta in the woods. (You can take the girl out of the city…) We rented a U-haul and brought up cribs, strollers, Fall 2013 fashions and more! There was definitely a point in time that I thought I had totally lost it (light rain, wind & back-breaking set building) – but the result will be beautiful, thanks to an amazing team, including photographer Katrina Tang & stylist Michel Onofrio! Stay tuned. Here’s a little behind the scenes peek! (who’s behind that big, big book!?)

A little sneak peek of our Fall fashion photo shoot in the Berkshires! Shot by Katrina Tang

A little sneak peek of our Fall fashion photo shoot in the Berkshires! Shot by Katrina Tang

ICFF Faves, soon to be found at Babesta



Some of our favorite designs at ICFF this year!

Some of our favorite designs at ICFF this year!


ICFF was awesome this year – and despite the trickle of kids-related things, we found some great new products and connected with some of our favorite vendors. Check out these goods that will soon be seen at Babesta Cribz.

Thrifty Thursday: Wild & Wolf 20% off today & tomorrow at Babesta

Just got our Wild & Wolf back in the store – some magical gifts for summer birthday parties and for today and tomorrow only, we’re offering 20% off. We read in Departures that with the return of Arrested Development, magicians are totes “in” so you can help kids get their magic on with some tricks of the trade. (Gotta love G.O.B. Bluth as a role model). Balloon Animals, Juggling Sets, Magic Tricks and more! http://www.babesta.com/Wild-and-Wolf/

For 20% off all Wild & Wolf on Thurs & Friday, use code WildMay.

Wild & Wolf promotion