At Babesta: One Jacket by A for Apple, 3 Ways To Wear it

A for Apple’s Dewi Utility Furry Jacket might just be the piece de resistance for the season. It’s highly versatile and can be worn layered with the fur vest for a luxe-cool, without the fur vest to get an army jacket feel or vest-alone to top off a chic ensemble. The faux fur is soft and the quality and details of this jacket are stand out

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Dewey jacket1

Elyse Kroll Interiors Gives Babesta Threads a Cool Makeover

Just wanted to give a shout out to Elyse Kroll Interiors–the mastermind behind the Babesta Threads revamp. We can’t say enough about Elyse – and we give her our highest recommendation if you’re looking to spruce up your home or professional space. We didn’t even know we were going to revamp Babesta until Elyse came in (after we tapped her to do the consultation we “won” at the PS 234 school auction). Her ideas were great and we could see her vision in our first conversation. Our interest was immediately piqued and we decided to just go for it. Our contractor was surprised (“we’re revamping the space, are you free next week!?”) but somehow it all came together. (OK I say somehow, but really it was all of us working round the clock). We love her creativity and resourcefulness coupled with a great ability to listen and understand our business needs and come up with attractive solutions to address each one. She definitely captured the Babesta vibe, helping us make our miniature space much more useful while keeping it super-cool. Some of the highlights: The orange and grey accent walls, the framed t-shirt wall, the center locker-tables, the back counter made out of kitchen cabnitry. We look forward to working with Elyse again-She rocks!

Babesta threads photo 1
Babesta threads pic 4
Babesta threads 3

Back to School Window at Babesta

OK, yes, I always do these windows at night! But I couldn't wait to reveal our back to school window! Pencils by Lotless, Book-table by ebay, backpacks by Madpax (you can buy them inside!!!!) :) And (this is really exciting for us) if you bring in 2 new or nearly new books to Babesta for Room to Grow charity (for in-need families), we'll give you 10 percent off your back to school purchase! Back to School Rulez indeed!!!

Window back to school

Olympic Window at Babesta

As this will be the last day of Olympic window at babesta (the first window after our renovation) I thought I'd post a few pictures. I'm trying to capture all of our windows as we have so much fun doing them and are always sad to see them go (but always excited about the next.)

Note the British brand tees by Rowdy Sprout and the gorgeous "British flags" in poppy colors created by Elyse Kroll Interiors.

Olympic window
Olympic window 2

Artist Brady Smith at One Art Space Tomorrow

We're heading over to One Art Space at 23 Warren tomorrow after we close (@7:00) in order to check out artist Brady Smith's wrestlers, bunnies, skeletons & such! Come meet us there. It will (shamefully) be our first visit to the cool space! 


23 Warren Street, btwn Church & Broadway

Here's a taste!

Brady smith card 2

Babesta Threads Renovated!

So for the last couple weeks we have been closed doing a bit of sprucing up  – painting, floors, lights and more! This weekend we opened our doors "softly" as we put on the finishing touches! Thought we'd share a photo with everyone, but we invite you to check it out in person!

Store pic 1

We’re Lovin’ it @Babesta: Century of the Child at the MOMA

So I just went to the Moma yesterday to see "Century of the Child: Growing Up by Design, 1900-2000." It's a comprehensive exhibit that interplays history with the common perception of children and childhood (it wasn't all fun and games for kids, especially in the early years where they were a key & cheap laborers). It walks through the early 20th century as kids started to become more of a focus – in some ways an unspoiled canvas on which adults could imprint our ideal of what society could be. The exhibit also highlights Montessori, and the idea that children have intrinsic ideas and capablities and can independantly interact with the world around them, and the toys and tools to support that school of thought. The exhibit takes you through both World Wars, Italian modernism, the Space Race (and the resulting toys), Disneyland, PeeWee's Playhouse, electronic games and japanimation. There's also a ginormous Stokke Trip Trapp chair! In all, it's a very cool exhibit, and kids will like it for its bright colored vehicles of fun, but there are many more layers and interesting questions that it makes you ponder as a consumer, a global citizen and a parent. It's a great one to visit, and if you can, try to hop on the tour. Runs from July 29-November 5, 2012. 

Photo: Ladislav Sutner-Porototype for Build the Town Building Blocks 1940-43. @ the MOMA.

Century of the child, Growing by design


Toddlers & Tiaras’ Eden Wood shows off her CicciaBella boots at Babesta

We never posted the photos from pop culture phenom Toddlers and Tiaras own Eden Wood and Isabella Barrett's visit to Babesta showing off the new CicciaBella boot-slipper line.  The girls were having a very pink and frilly blast, enjoying every nook and cranny of Babesta Cribz for the paps. We at Babesta wish them the very best with the line an applaud their spunk!

Boots at babesta

Toddlers tiaras
Toddlers and tiaras 2 Toddlers and tiaras 3

The toddlepreneurs showing off their boots & a few of her paparazzi fans getting a shot of the girls hamming it up….