I bring dinosaurs to school !

I believe that to every great outfit, there should be a great bag that follows (of course, shoes should match well, too!). With our city kids in mind, I felt it necessary to gather a lot of backpacks from Babesta that would be light, cute, and stylish! These backpacks can be used for: mini vacations, trips to the pool/beach, and even for school! All bags are adorable and have the same theme: animals !

I love animals of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Sharks may seem scary, but in reality, they are very adorable creatures…on our backpacks that is! Dinosaurs may seem scary, but they are pretty friendly! They always give a hand by carrying my lunch and books! They can carry yours, too! Adults and children will love these animal styled backpacks by Skiphop, Mad Pax, and Anais & I.

Not so scary animal backpacks!

Not so scary animal backpacks!

Bring these friends along everywhere and make great memories!

Check them out online and in-stores! Also check out our shoes post! Thanks a lot!



Calling all chefs!!

Summer is the perfect time to train your little chef! It’s a great indoor activity if it’s too hot outside, but make sure to have your air conditioner on, since the kitchen can heat up! The Cooking Club for Kids offers lots of different fun cooking sets for your little culinary whiz!

But before anyone starts cooking, every chef needs chef hats and aprons – and for that we have The Cooking Club for kid’s black and white aprons and hats, ready for our chefs, $23.

black and white aprons!

black and white aprons!

For Breakfast!

Everybody needs to eat a healthy breakfast to have a great day – they way that breakfast is the most important meal of the day–it energizes you! For our breakfast food loving chefs, we have a pancake kit. It comes with: a mixing bowl, different shapes, a flipper, and recipe cards. One morning our little chefs can make pancakes and maybe another morning they can create yummy crepes!

yummy pancakes for everyone!

yummy pancakes for everyone!

For Lunch!

Pizza Time! The Cooking Club for Kids Pizza making kit comes with: a rolling pin, a sauce brush, a pizza tray and lifter, and recipe cards. Our young chefs can create their own pizzas with different ingredients as well! I would love to try a ham and pineapple pizza, please!

I want a hot slice of pizza!

I want a hot slice of pizza!



Snacks are great for extra energy throughout the day. Babesta has two snack kits: the cookie kit and the gingerbread kit. Both kits contain recipe cards and different cookie cutter shapes. The cookie kit contains a silicone mat and a rolling pin,while the gingerbread kit has a mixing bowl and a decorating pen. How fun will it be to create different shaped cookies! I would love to try a heart and star shaped cookie! I’m sure it will taste as great as it looks!

chocolate chip cookies please?

chocolate chip cookies please?

Yummy Gingerbread Cookies!

Yummy Gingerbread Cookies!



I also have to add that I love ice-cream as much as I love pizza and pancakes! Babesta recently received Chronicle’s Star Wars’ Ice Saber Kit. It comes with four molds that you can fill with your favorite juice or fruit to make yummy pops that will be chilly for a hot summer day. This kit contains 30 different Ice Saber Recipe so no one will ever get bored!  You can have light saber fights while eating!! And they’re only $24!

Woosh! Cool down with these cute sabers!

Woosh! Cool down with these cute sabers!

If any of our little chefs decide to create new recipes with these kits, please stop by and drop off some snacks! LOL.

Only $29 for all these kits. In-stores at Babesta Cribz and online.

- LK

kickin it with new kicks!

our stylish kicks !

our stylish kicks !

No one enjoys hot, sweaty feet!! How stinky! P. U.! I have gathered all of Babesta’s summer kicks that provide a lot of comfort and coolness for the hot, sticky weather! These adorable and stylish kicks will go well with possibly any outfit! It is very important that our stylish babes look even better with awesome shoes!

Check out our kicks online or in-stores! Also check out our animal bags post!

Toys, toys, toys!

We have new plush toys that just came in stores at both Babesta Cribz and Threads! These join some old faves that we try to keep on our shelves (though it’s hard, they’re soooo lovable)

We received new plush toys and mini figurines from kidrobot. Their Yummy Plushes range from: black & white cookies, blue frosted donuts, chocolate frosted donuts, etc. We also received key chains of these Yummy Plushes! Be sure to check it out!

We also want to show off SkipHop’s collection of toys aimed at our city babies! Hug & Hide Stroller Toys, activity gyms,  duck bath toys, alphabet zoo mirrors, and more! Playsam also has babystroller toys and YoYos!

Toys are a great way to raise a child’s imagination! Toys will definitely entertain our awesome city kids!

Also check out Kushies and PlaySam!

And please check out our Vine Video of all our toys at Babesta Cribz here!

Summertime Open Air Movies – Awesome!

Do you love watching old films? Do you love music and the large crowd atmosphere? Well, according to timeout, until August 14th, there will be an outdoor movie viewing for adults and tweens! Every Wednesday, this event will be held at McCarren Park between Leonard and North 12 St. For Subway surfers, take the: L Subway to Lorimer St, G to Nassau Ave.

The lineup for the movies are:

July 10 Can’t Hardly Wait

July 17 Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

July 24 The Craft

July 31 The Goonies

August 7 Speed

August 14 Audience Pick!

The audience gets to vote for a movie that they enjoy for the final day! This audience is targeted for mainly adults and tweens, but for fun family nights,  definitely visit and watch Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and The Goonies! This is Summerscreen’s 8th year hosting this awesome event! Summerscreen will open their doors at 6PM, and live music will start up at 6:30PM. Movies will be screened at sundown! Be sure to bring snacks, blankets, cameras, and smiles!

How do I beat this heat?

There’s a simple solution to that! At Babesta, we did a bit of research and discovered… SWIMMING POOLS. You can never go wrong with taking a dip in the water to beat the hot summer heat. We found many locations in New York, so no worries about whether it is too far!

According to timeout, there are 11 (that’s right ELEVEN!) different pools, which most are free of cost!! Here are three of the eleven that sounded coolest:

  1. Astoria Pool: located in Astoria Park, 19th St at 23rd Ave, Astoria, Queens: This pool has “Olympic-size lanes.” The pool is ginormous with a lot of space for you to lay out your towels and tan! This is a local favorite of many New Yorkers! It is also free of charge.

    Astoria Pool; {via weheartastoria}


  2. The Floating Pool; located in Barretto Point Park, Intersection of Tiffany St. and Viele Ave.  That’s correct. You read correctly. A floating pool. This is a seven lane pool that is atop a movable barge. It was once located in Brooklyn Heights but was moved permanently to Barretto Point Park. There are locker rooms, a great view, and plenty of space to sit down and enjoy a floating pool! And of course, it is free of charge!

    an actual floating pool!!


  3. And critics’ choice, McCarren Park Pool; located at Lorimer St between Bayard St and Driggs Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 
    This is a37,571 square-foot pool, which is very spacious! There is plenty of space around the pool for beach chairs and towels. You will certainly have a great time with your families and friends. However, there is usually a large crowd due to tourists and families who want to enjoy the sun! It was renovated and reopened in 2012, and ever since, more and more people have been visiting. It will certainly be a fun time! Once again, free of cost!

    an enormous pool!! via papermag


Babesta also gathered a few summer outfits and essentials that can be worn to the pool or to the beach!

We have a few favorite swimwear for our city kids!

  1. One of our most favorite tiger face swimsuit by popupshop. This cute swimsuit dons the face of a fierce tiger! Your cute city kid can rock this out with a pair of matching Mini Rodini sunglasses. How adorable would that look?!
    Roar! Tiger Swimsuit!

    Roar! Tiger Swimsuit!

    Mini Rodini Tiger Sunglasses!

    Mini Rodini Tiger Sunglasses!

  2.  Our favorite pick for our city boys is A for Apple’s boy Swimshorts. This will match well with Sons & Daughters’ Blue Hunter Sunglasses. Our city boys will definitely rock this well!
    A for Apple's boy swimshorts!

    A for Apple’s boy swimshorts!

    Rockin' the blue!
    Rockin’ the blue!


  3. Our final favorite swimsuit is Stella Cove’s Hepburn Bathing Suit. This is for the retro ladies who know what style is all about! Son’s and Daughters’ printed sunglasses will go so well together!! Fashionista! Ow ow!
    Hepburn Bathing Suit

    Hepburn Bathing Suit


    Fierce printed sunglasses by Sons & Daughters.

    Fierce printed sunglasses by Sons & Daughters.


PS:Most of these pools do not allow electronic devices like kindles, laptops, etc.

Thank you!

Asphalt Green in BPC is Open, Hooray!

On June 15th, Battery Park City has opened the long-awaited Asphalt Green located on 555 E 90th St  New York, NY 10128. They are open: Mon-Fri from 5:30 AM to 9:45 PM and Sat – Sun from 8:00 AM to 7:45 PM. You will need a membership to enter, but you can also pay a daily fee, if you would like to take a class for the day or use their facilities. The different class schedules can be found here on their website. & their membership info is found here!!

Asphalt Green was scheduled to open a year ago, but due to different negotiations and damages from Hurricane Sandy, it has opened this year– better than never! They were kind to allow the public to take free demonstration classes and use their different facilities for no charge during the first week. Described by Carl Glassman in his article, people from members to tourists were lined up on the Grand Opening day. So many people enjoyed Asphalt Green’s swimming lanes, basketball courts, and their gym machines! A lot of people have decided to start going to Asphalt Green to get their daily workouts!

Asphalt Green’s mission is to provide fun classes to promote an active lifestyle! It is not aimed for only adults. They love their youths! Registrations for youths to come and play various sports from swimming lessons to basketball, martial arts, flag football, soccer, etc. are open! There will be so many sports that your youth will enjoy! They also have private swimming lessons.

Also, did you know that Asphalt Green holds Birthday Parties for children?! It just gets better, right? They have different birthday packages; remember to reserve ahead of time! Their super-friendly staff will hold fun games for the birthday party guests and the birthday child themselves! Parties range from pool parties to obstacle course parties! Of course refreshments will be served as well as a gift to the birthday kid! I’m very sure the parties will be talked for the whole year!!

For more information, you can check out their website!



Don’t Miss Out!! Educational Events for July 17th!

1. Tales for the Teeny Tiny

Battery Park City Library [courtesy of onearth]

Battery Park City Library [courtesy of onearth]

It is important to show our babies different ways of learning! Reading books to them, singing to them, talking to them, allows the baby to learn more.

You have to love local libraries; they provide so many books for children and adults of all ages.  They also host events to help our tots learn more. In fact, Battery Park City Library is hosting a “Tales for the Teeny Tiny” event on Wednesday, July 17th at 10:30 AM. This event has no sign-ups; it is first come, first serve. Tales for the Teeny Tiny is aimed for babies of 18 months to 3 year olds.

Parents, caregivers, and our adorable babies will finger play, listen to stories, play interactive games, and sing songs. This event will be packed with a lot of activities.


2. Kids Theater: My City Park

puppet time! [courtesy of Bronx News]

puppet time! [courtesy of Bronx News]

“When Milo finds out that his favorite city park is going to be torn down and replaced with a shopping mall, he seeks out the help of his two best friends, Odessa the Owl and Bucky the Squirrel.”

Making Books Sing will be presenting their My City Park at Batter Park City Library on July 17th at 4 PM! The audience they seek are for ages 3- 10. This performance is said to last 45 minutes; there will be puppetry, fun songs, and audience participation. This will be a very different and educational event that children and adults will enjoy and love so much!

Check out their website for more details!

Battery Park City Library is located on 175 North End Avenue, New York, NY 10282. This is a map and list of the different subways that will lead you to these events.


Oui Oui! Let’s Visit!

Love French pastries? Interested about France’s Independence Day? Enjoy meeting new people, face painting, and drawing contests?

You’re in luck! On July 14th, Bastille Day will be held in, our very own, New York! It will be between Lexington and Fifth Avenues, from noon to 5PM.

Families will definitely enjoy this day, as well as friends who want to learn more about the French culture. There will be yummy pastries (who can say no to that?!), face painting, arts and crafts, crêpes, éclairs, fromages, and more! Live music, cultural dance performances, $2 macarons…it will be equipped with so much fun!

pastries!! ;;via timeout

pastries!! ;;via timeout




Bastille Day has been on-going for over 10 years, celebrating France’s official independence from the United States that took place on July 14, 1789.

Definitely visit this event for a memorable time! Also, visit the site  for more information!