Friday Face-Off: Lightweight Strollers Round 2!

GLUX VS TRIUMPH VS QUESTClockwise from the left: Triumph, Quest, and G-Luxe

In Round One of lightweight strollers we brought you two amazing contenders: the Maclaren Volo and the Uppababy G-Lite.  This week, we’re taking things up a notch and bringing you not two but three next level lightweights.  We think you’ll be impressed…


We’re in a new weight class with these three contenders; the G-Luxe weighs in at 13.4 pounds.  But with that new weight class come more features!  In addition to the standard water and stain resistant, machine washable, removable seat pad, the hand level, finger folding triggers, the stand alone capabilities, and the extendable, SPF 50+ sunshade (it’s a lot, but it gets better), the G-Luxe introduces reclining capabilities to the competition.  This stroller reclines with one hand and features an adjustable footrest for when your child needs to nap on the go.


Slightly heavier at 6.2kg (13.6lbs), the Triumph’s seat adjusts from upright to 123°.  Like the Volo, it features a five-point, two-finger release harness, water resistant and SPF 50+ protected hood, standard, included rain cover, one hand fold, attached carry strap, one-step, foot-operated linked breaks, and washable fabrics.


Up until now, we’ve been featuring strollers for children 6 months to 55lbs; now we’re throwing the Quest into the mix which has features for newborns as well.  Weighing in at 6.4kg (14.1lbs), the Quest has all the same features as the Triumph but with some added goodies.  It features a protective newborn cocoon for the extra little ones and a viewing window in the hood so you can keep an eye on them.  It transitions between its four reclining positions at the touch of one hand.  It includes an adjustable leg rest.  And, for added safety, it has reflective accents for nighttime.  It may weigh a little more, but we think it’s worth it.

Which weight class do you prefer?  Which stroller are you betting on?  Let us know in the comments!


(If you are shopping for a stroller and have questions or you don’t see the one you want online, please call us at 646 290 5508.) 

Busy Mockingbird, a Mom & Daughter art affair!

I saw this mentioned on Playtime’s FB page (the awesome boutique-ready trade show in NY, Paris & Tokyo) – and thought it was such a cool concept! A collaborative art project, mother and daughter – the mother’s art is gorgeous, but when paired with her daughter’s, surreal! She reminds us that when we let go a little (in her case agreeing to share her professional sketch book with her 4-year-old daughter), magical things can happen!

Read the full article here!

busy mockingbird

Pop Culture Watch: TEDxMet


We’re a big fan of TED talks at Babesta, and we got very excited upon hearing that the MET has teamed up with TED for the TEDxMet Event Saturday October 19. They have an amazing lineup of speakers – a particular favorite here: Elizabeth Streb, once dubbed “the Evel Knievel of dance” who, according to her site, “intertwines the disciplines of dance, athletics, boxing, rodeo, the circus, and Hollywood stunt-work.” Her choreography is equal parts death-defying as it is mesmorizing. We’re also excited to hear Andrew Bolton, who organized the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit (which was amazing!!!) Book your sitter & get a ticket, or enjoy it from home live streamed on

Tickets will be  $100 and available at

Friday Face- Off: Lightweights Enter the Ring

GLITE VS VOLOLeft to Right: G-Lite and Volo

We have two rounds of lightweight strollers coming up; let’s kick things off with the MACLAREN VOLO versus the UPPABABY G-LITE!!!

Both are supposed to be lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, and optimized for the 6 months to 55lbs set.  Let’s see who comes out on top….


Designed to fold up small with the use of only one hand, the Maclaren Volo weighs in at just 4kg or 8.8lbs, making it the lightest contender in the ring today.  It also features a permanent carry strap attached to the chassis for transport ease.  The hood is both waterproof and SPF 50+ protected and a rain cover is included.  But we here know that nothing can protect your stroller from your kid, so all fabric components are easily machine washable. The Volo features a single step break for both rear wheels and a five-point seat harness with a two-finger release mechanism for super easy use.  Designed to fit through any standard doorway and also featuring an ample storage basket, the Maclaren Volo might just take home the title among traveling parents.


Weighing in at 10.7 lbs this stroller is a little heavier, but no less mighty in the ring. Hand level folding triggers make it possible to fold up the G-LITE with just your fingers and the stroller stands on its own once folded.  It features lockable front wheels for added stability, an easily removable, washable seat pad, and a sun canopy with SPF 50+ sun protection.  The G-LITE also features a removable cup holder for that oh-so-necessary morning cup of coffee.

Evenly matched, which stroller will come out on top?  Let us know in the comments and tune in next week for another round of lightweight strollers!


Back to Skool

The school year tends to sneak up on you, huh?  Well, for our readers in the San Francisco area, we have some super cool news that sprung up just as suddenly…

new skool pop up shop 3 new skool set up 2 new skool set up 1


San Francisco’s Store1AMSF is playing host to a super rad pop up shop featuring the work of our friends over at New Skool.  We love their hip-hop/graffiti inspired fresh take on kids’ apparel (you can shop the brand by clicking on their name above) and the art is off the hook, so of course we were really excited to hear about their pop up.   Up until Sept. 21st, be sure not to miss out!



new skool pop up shop 2 (1) new skool pop up shop 1-L.E.



Backpack Bonanza at Babesta!


We’re excited for the start of a new school year! Everything’s new: new teachers, new classrooms and new backpacks! We have amassed some of the raddest rucksacks on the planet! Which to you love? Shown clockwise from top left: white gator backpack by Madpax; python backpack by Sprayground; blue/red settlement backpack by Herschel Supply Company; orange bubble backpack by Madpax; red polkadot backpack by Herschel Supply Company; diamond backpack by Sprayground. Shop all Babesta Backpacks here. Don’t see on you love online? Call us at 646 290 5508!


Happy Back to School!

We’re totally enamored with the blog A Subtle Revelry, and all the delicious things they post and adored their “back to school” chalkboard cake with some good words to live by as you begin a new year! Find out the recipe (an many yummy more) at A Subtle Revelry. -SR


better chalk cake

Friday Face-Off: Car Seat Clash!

Friday Face Off Car Seat Edition 2

Clockwise from the left: Pipa, Maxi Cosi, Anton 2, and The Mesa

Stepping into the ring this week to inaugurate our new series, we have four of our favorite car seats:


With its innovative Linear Side-Impact Protection (LSP) system, the bets coming in say it should be able to go a few rounds.  Especially with that new pattern, Jeremy Scott’s Food Fight fabrics featuring anthropomorphic, pugilistic versions of your favorite snacks!  Weighing in at 3.7 kg (8.2 lbs) this car seat is designed for kids from 0-13 kg (0-28 lbs) or 0-18 months.  It’s compatible with Cybex strollers as well as many other major brands making it a strong contender for parents on the go.  Designed for ease, all fabrics are machine washable and the system features include an optional newborn inlay and removable seat insert.

Certainly the easy, safe choice, we’re sure some of you will be laying down your money in favor of this model.  But let’s see about the other contenders…


The Mesa also features innovative Side Impact Protection Systems, this time with an adjustable headrest for optimal safety and comfort.  For the parent that moves as fast as NYC, the One-Push Stroller Release on the carry handle is a dream.   The Mesa boasts a 10 second accurate install thanks to a red-to-green tension indicator that provides visual confirmation that the seat has been installed correctly.  However, it’s designed specifically for the Uppababy Vista and Cruz strollers, so it loses some versatility points.  The Mesa is optimized for especially little ones (preemies weighing 4+ lbs) up to babies 38″ in length.  Its Hide-Away Canopy boasts SPF 50+ sun protection to keep those harmful rays away.

For some, not all, this particular car seat is certainly a contender for Uppababy-loyal parents of especially little babies. But, as we turn to the next contender we meet…


For rear-facing kids from 0-12months and 5-22lbs, this car seat features some very unique features.  With the option of a stay-in-car adjustable base, this seat becomes particularly convenient for parents who need to drive frequently.  For us, this is an interesting take on the challenges of being an on the go parent.  It’s Air-Protect Side Impact technology compliments the stay-in-car features to keep your little one safe.  This particular model is also super adaptable featuring the Cozi-Dozi infant support system for smaller babies and adapters for many stroller brands available from the manufacturer.

Are you driving the Babesta City Kid spirit out of the literal city?  This just might be the car seat for you.  But wait!  There’s one more contender to be examined and we think you’re going to like what you see…


New to the scene, the Pipa seat is super adaptable and easy to use.  The lightest contender – it weighs in at just 7.7 lbs – this car seat is designed to make baby’s first outing safe, comfortable, and chic.  Like the other contenders, Pipa features Side Impact Protection, but it also features healthier-for-baby oeko-tex fabrics to keep the little one safe and comfortable.  It’s also aircraft certified and can be installed with only a car or taxi’s seat belt, no base required.  Versatile, this car seat works with Nuna and Maxi Cosi adapters to expand the range of compatible strollers.  For little ones 4-32 lbs and up to 32″ in length, this is the optimal choice for the parent on the go.  Not only does it cover road travel, but also air travel.

Well matched, the four contenders in this week’s face-off are all good picks.  Which one are you going to lay your bet on?  Let us know what you think!


*These car seats are all available at Babesta. They go in and out of stock, so if you don’t see the one you want online, just give a Babesta stylist a call  (646) 290 5508 and we can tell you when they’re back in stock or that they are in stock and you caught us before we updated the website :) ))

P’Kolino’s Clothes Tree is the Natural Choice for Organization

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 12.35.11 PM

In all our favorite fall hues, these clothes trees from P’Kolino are the natural choice for kids’ clothing organization.  Founded by two dads, P’Kolino seeks to combine playful style and smart functionality and this sculpture-esque storage solution for everything from blankets to diaper bags comes in an array of cheerful colors to brighten and neaten any room.  Although it looks so fabulous on it’s own, you may not want to cover it up…