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Xtreme Playdate: Rebeca Raney in the House!

We had a great time with all the kids and parents who joined us for a special drawing event at Babesta with Rebeca Raney, the artist whom we’ve been exhibiting on our walls – she’s amazing. At this one on one experience, she took kids through portraiture and the elements that make up a great work. Everyone had their own unique style that made the output so special! Find out about more Xtreme Playdates on Babesta’s Facebook page! Check out Rebeca’s work on Uprise Art (! photos by Simon Bordwin


Blast from the Past: The Postcard Project

The summertime makes me think of how much fun we had creating the Postcard Project a couple years ago. For those who don’t know, inspired by the MET’s Walker Evans Exhibit (and notably, the MOMA is showing the artist’s work this summer!) we gave out 100 disposable cameras to kids from the ages of 3 to 12 and asked them to re-conceive postcards for Lower Manhattan, to include Tribeca, South Street Seaport, FI DI, Chinatown & Battery Park City. They had to take their time, budget their shots & frame their pictures. No instant gratification here – as we had to develop the film (an anomaly in this digital age!) We got an astounding array of shots and relied on an expert panel of professional photographers to come up with 10 winning photographs to comprise our Postcard Packet.

Walk through the semi-finalist entries here:

and buy your postcard packet here!

postcard project pics

Wig in the Window: Spy Training Workshop !

Imagine witnessing a scary event... Then afterwards, imagine getting followed by cars, cracking codes, and meeting strange, mysterious people! If you can’t imagine a spy lifestyle like this, then you should definitely read Kristen Kittscher’s The Wig in the Window. To summarize, this novel is about two spies: Sophie Young and Grace Yang, witnessing (spying) a bloody scene in the kitchen of their middle school counselor, Dr. Agford. They call the cops and discover that Dr. Agford was actually making her famous pickled beets! Soon after, Dr. Agford starts acting strange and they: start receiving strange codes they need to solve, get followed by a mysterious blue car, and meet with people who have Texas accents and u n i b r o w s! Step into Young and Yang’s great spy adventure, and try solving the clues along with them!

Her story sounds too cool! But I want to write my own spy story like Kristen!   

Don’t worry! Luckily, we here at Babesta can teach you! Kristen has visited Babesta yesterday to teach thirteen 8-12 year olds who wanted to learn how to write a great spy story. She has such a bright personality, joking around with the children, and it was such a great event! When introducing her novel, children pointed out that her picture was on the inside cover; her response? “Maybe that’s not actually me…that might be another woman with a wig…who knows?”

Kristen answering questions about her novel

Kristen answering questions about her novel

She taught our little spies different steps to creating their own spy story! Babesta provided a mini goody-bag with: spy glasses, a mustache, a yin and yang necklace, a mini notepad, and a pen.

  1. She made our little spies break a code to learn the first step of writing a great spy story. It took a few minutes, but codes were no match for our little spies! They solved that the first step was thinking of characters! That’s right! In order to create the best story, you must come up with different characters.
    Our code. Can you solve it out, too?

    Our code. Can you solve it out, too?


    Agent Agford cracking the code!!

    Agent Agford cracking the code!!


  2. The next step was discovering the traits of the character. Age, favorite color, scared of, lives in, etc.

    All our spies deep in thought!

    All our spies deep in thought!

  3. Third, you come up with a case and an enemy, if they have one! Kristen has stated that it was a bit easier to come up with different traits because during her childhood, she and her friends were part of their own spy group. She has always been interested in spy stories!

    Kristen's spy group!

    Kristen’s spy group!

  4. After a few brainstorming sessions, our little spies came up with the character Lily Lin who lives in Beijing, China. She is 8 years old, is scared of shadows and strangers. Her case is to capture different thieves.

    Our brainstorming board!

    Our brainstorming board!

Kristen showed a mini clip about her novel during the brainstorming session to inspire our spies! She also held a raffle at the end of the workshop. The lucky winner was Agent 722 who won a signed The Wig in the Window novel! Yin and Yang cookies were served at the end with yummy pink lemonade and water.


Kristen handing the winner her gift!!

Kristen handing the winner her gift!!


Refreshments! YUMMY!

Refreshments! YUMMY!

But why so much Yin and Yang themes? In the novel, the two spies, Young and Yang, run into different conflicts and have two different personalities like Yin and Yang. They receive too much pressure from all the codes and mysterious, which puts a strain on their friendship. Do they grow apart? Do they get closer? That is for you to find out!

Babesta truly thanks Kristen for her visit! She definitely inspired our little spies to grow their imaginations and write! Maybe Young and Yang will be the next Harry Potter! We wish more, greater success on you, Kristen!!

You can read further details of her novel here ! It is definitely a great read!


Here are some more pictures to enjoy!

Spy Fashion: what’s your frame?

Today, July 8, we are hosting a Wig in the Window Spy Workshop at Babesta Cribz! Kristen Kittscher will teach a group of young boys and girls how to create the best spy story! Inspired by this event, we wondered, “What would a great spy outfit be?” Using all our resources here at Babesta, we tracked down a few clothes and accessories that will be great for our adorable Spies!

Great for both boys and girls, these spy outfits will help our spies look stylish while tracking down who ate the last cookie ! The adorable tees remind us of spies, while the fedoras really compliment the outfit. These cute Sons and Daughters Sunglasses really complete the outfit, and the spy kit and notebook can help our little spies look for and write down clues!

spyfashionFrom left to right:

Goodie Two Sleeves’ Panda Square Tee found here.

Goorin’s Tad Bewell Jr. Stingy Fedora found here.

Goodie Two Sleeve’s Hipster Kitty Snaptee found here.

Sons and Daughters’ Bobby Sunglasses- Liquid Metal found here.

Sons and Daughters’ Hunter Sunglasses- Blue found here.

Bobo Choses’ Mixed Shapes Skirt found here.

Seedling’s Top Secret Spy Kit found here.

Blatomat’s Organic Beige Leggings found here.

Munster Kids’ Snow Leopard Jeans found here.

K & Company’s SMASH Folio found here.

Gorin’s Lil Hagar Plaid Fedora found here.

Wild and Wolf’s Pinhole Camera found here.


Definitely read A Wig in the Window by Kristen Kittscher to enter the spy adventure of Sophie Young and Grace Yang! This is a must read filled with funny dialogues and intense spy action! They must discover what really went down in Dr. Agford’s house that night they discovered a bloody scene in her kitchen! (Dr. Agford was actually making her famous pickled beets!) It will be great for children, and reading this book with this outfit can maybe trigger awesome spy activities!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for pictures of today’s events!


Creative Writing-Meets-Spy Training Workshop at Babesta

We are totally stoked that author-extraordinaire Kristen Kittscher will be in the house early July to host a creative writing workshop – slash – spy how-to! We LOOVED our early copy of Wig in the Window, her debut book published by Harper Collins and we know that any tween girls and boys would be stoked to slap on their super-stealth moustaches and learn how to build a great character for a detective story! Email to reserve your spot in this limited event on July 8 at 4:00-6:00pm. Babesta Cribz, 56 Warren Street, NYC. 646 290 5508.

Kristen Kittscher's debut detective story, Wig in the Window

Kristen Kittscher’s debut detective story, Wig in the Window

Celebrating Life on the Fly at Babesta & Bugaboo’s “Bee in the City” party!

We’re throwing a bash with our fave stroller brand, Bugaboo, to celebrate living life on the fly (and living a fly life)!  We’re debuting the latest installment of Bubaboo’s video series, this time detailing the urban adventure of stylist and blogger Latonya Staubs, her family and her Bugaboo Bee. Latonya will share some of her fave go-tos in the city, DJ Neil will spin some rad tunes, we’ll all eat some yummy cupcakes and enjoy. Cheers to city moms!!

We are big fans of the Bee, as it happens, as Babesta is curated for a city child, so it only make sense that a light weight, agile, easy to fold and high quality (& super stylish) stroller would be the guest of honor.

We’ll even be doing some stroller cleaning to those who pre-sign up for it (make an appointment ahead of time by calling 646 290 5508).

The deets: Come to Babesta Cribz, 56 Warren Street, March 6, from 1:00-3:00pm.

Also (as if this wasn’t enough) a Bugaboo Bee & accessory will be raffled off!!!!

Bugaboo Bee and Babesta celebrate life on the fly

Bugaboo Bee and Babesta celebrate life on the fly


Mardi Gras Maskmaking at Babesta – The official invite!

Join us! We're super excited to be reupping our Xtreme Playdates! The idea is to give kids fun, free, creative experiences with working members of the creative community–and they need to be something that parents will want to do too! We have the pleasure of making masks with a fashion prop stylist, Alexandra Egan! She's put together this craft (that I have been dying to do for over a year). It should be a blast. Space is limited, so call us and reserve your mask today!!! Details below :)

Mardi Gras blog

Mardi Gras maskmaking at Babesta – Feb 12! Come join us!

We're putting together a little Mardi Gras maskmaking, free "xtreme playdate" on Feb 12, so mark your calendars! Got to do a bit of looking around for great ingredients today in the fashion district with Alexandra Egan, master fashion prop stylist. The craft will be at Babesta Cribz from 5:00-6:00 and would be best for 6+, I think. We'll make super cool masks this Fat Tuesday, following Alex's creative vision! I cannot wait!!!! Interested? Call us at 646 290 5508 and we'll reserve you a mask. Space is limited, so reserve quickly!


Mardi gras 1