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Hello Summer, Welcome Back!

Today June 21, 2013, marks the official first day of summer, so flip down those shades, apply that sunblock, and stay hydrated.

Babesta loves not only chic and retro fashion of our kids, but also cool adult fashions as well! We recently came across Camilla Frank’s Tiger Kaftan in the Financial Times’ “Hot Looks to Stay Cool in the Sun”.

From "How To Spend it" in last Sunday's Financial Times

From “How To Spend it” in last Sunday’s Financial Times

It immediately reminded us of our cute Tiger swimsuits by Mini Rodini and Popupshop. Like mother like daughter!

Pop Up Shop Tiger Swimsuit at Babesta

Pop Up Shop Tiger Swimsuit at Babesta


Mini Rodini's Wild Tiger Striped Swimsuit

Mini Rodini’s Wild Tiger Striped Swimsuit

TOAST Artwalk in Tribeca this weekend

Grab your walking shoes and put your art hat on, it’s TOAST Artwalk time in Tribeca this weekend! Tribeca has historically been known as an artists’ neighborhood and this is a great occasion to show support to our local art community! Download the map at Artists open their studios to the public and galleries get in on the game as well. There’s nothing like supporting your ‘hood with some art for your crib!

toast of tribeca


Art Aficianados Cheer! Warhol for Bugaboo is finally here! (almost)

Marilyn Monroe at MOMA

Andy Warhol, at MOMA Andy Warhol, at MOMA

For the guy that brought us Campbell’s soup cans galore and graphic Marilyn prints, comes the newest Bugaboo limited edition canopy sets. We love the giant flower prints –they’re strong, bright and cool at the same time. Babesta was selected as one of a limited group of retailers selling these special sets, perfect for the Bee, Cameleon 3 and Donkey.

Just like all limited edition Bugaboo canopies, if you love them, snap them up, as they won’t be around forever! Meet ya at the MOMA. Order your Warhol Bugaboo here!

Bugaboo Bee sun canopy, Warhol Limited Edition available at Babesta

We expect these in mid-May and are taking pre-orders now. Canopy sets are $199.00 (Cameleon, Donkey) and $149 (Bee), Parasol $69.

Bugaboo Donkey Warhol Limited Edition tailored fabric at Babesta
Bugaboo Donkey Warhol Limited Edition tailored fabric at Babesta

Cameleon Tailored Fabric Set, Warhol Limited Edition at Babesta Cameleon Tailored Fabric Set, Warhol Limited Edition at Babesta

Reliving the 80s on NatGeo

I’ve been watching the 80s on Nat Geo this week, with the girls. They loved to see the beginnings of Apple, and Steve Jobs’ vision in the early days (Funny that this is what they connect with!). I was moved by the Russian/U.S. “Miracle on Ice” and was stoked to watch the early days of Tony Hawk and the start of a skateboarding revolution. The 80s is definitely “my decade” –the one that influenced me the most for better & for worse :) . It occurred to me as I was watching, that I haven’t introduced A&C to the movies of the time. This week, my goal is to snap up Back to the Future and E.T., two of my absolute faves. I wonder how they’ll like them or if they’ll stack up to today’s blockbusters. Who can argue with a cell phone the size of a handbag and an alien who craves Reeses Pieces?

Ready to step back in time?: here’s the lineup – and the site is full of 80s gems!

Back to the Future tee

Back to the Future tee


Back in the City-Whew, we made it!

In meandering the streets in the 2nd and 3rd, outside of our apartment in Paris, I was struck by all of the beautiful doors and wanted to use them as a backdrop for my “city” shots.

–>In front of a gorgeous Tiffany blue door, with a Babesta KISS tee and Munster animal print jeans and amazing tiger print sunglasses by Mini Rodini. Check out the street art on the lower right by French artist Space Invader.

kiss shirt

–>Anatole is a French mouse (the beret was the clincher) and the tee by Out of Print Books paired perfectly with a red reversible skirt by A for Apple. I thought a white door right off the Rue Montorgueil was well suited.


–>A New Yorker in Paris, decked in her Grass and Clovers NYC tee and the reversible skirt in green by A for Apple. Although her tee betrays her country of origin, you’d swear she was French by her penchant for croissants.

grass and clovers NYC tshirt

–>The Boombox NPR tee by Chaser is almost as loud as the French graffiti backdrop. Thought it was a cool cacophony of design that was a must-capture. On her head: tiger printed glasses by Mini Rodini.

boombox tee

–>The Mini Rodini Panther cardigan is an awesome piece to amp up a monotone ensemble or crazier yet, pair with some stripes.

mini rodini panther cardigan

–>A Bob Dylan concert tee by Rowdy Sprout in front of a gorgeous deep green door surrounded with white stone detailing. That door opened when we were taking pictures. A sweet little dog emerged (accompanied by her owner) much to our delight! We know that petites chiens are the rock stars of the Parisian streets.

bob dylan

Crazy for pretty much everything at Playtime! Fall ’13 is gonna rock!

I couldn’t get enough of all of the amazing styles and inspirational designs at Playtime NYC, which started yesterday. The trade show that attracts a host of domestic and international “indie” brands was held in the West Village, a hop and a skip from Petite Parade, Kids’ Fashion Week. Bouncing between the runway and the show, it was definitely a very fashionable kiddie weekend! Here’s a taste to whet the back to school appetite!

noe and zoe pink star jacket ribbon hair clips hershel backpacks esp no 1 jeans indikidual a for apple red dress atsuyo et akiko lips little creative factorychat mechant bootstwo little stix dolls

New: Munster Kids! More Dope Threads at Babesta

New Munster Kids at Babesta! We’re mad about Munster Kids and think it totally rocks for boys, girls and babies. Cool, edgy and well made, it’s our go-to for cool kids!
Not in the hood? Shop our site at
You’re a local? Pop by the store at 66 West Broadway NYC to see the latest!
This line flies out so pop in soon!

Check out our new Babesta Mini-Lookbook! “About Face”

Check out our first “Lookbook”! Hope you like it!
One trend that ran strong this season was face prints. Jackets, sweatshirts, hats and tees boasted big eyes and animated looks to add some whimsy to kids’ fashion. We’ve paired tops, hats and jackets by Mini Rodini, Bobo Choses and Munster Kids with fab colorful denim by ESP No. 1 and Munster Kids. Here are some of Babesta’s duds that are, as we’ve pointed out, “About Face.”

Grass & Clovers, New At Babesta

I Love New York just got a makeover. Enter Grass & Clovers, whose super cool vintag-y city lovin' tees just arrived at Babesta! We also got some really cute cloud and lightning styles as well as ties & bowties. That's formal–Babesta style.

Ny grass clovers