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Gizmos and Gadgets: What children need from CES 2015

CES imageA well-rested child with fancier feet and a brighter smile- isn’t that what all parents want? After a visit through the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 taking place in Las Vegas that might just be what you can manufacture. That is, if consumers were allowed in. The CES is an exhibition showcasing the most innovative gadgets and new technologies that are arriving on the market. When the public is able to purchase these latest everyday items that are being connected to the web here are the ones to grab.

Babies are especially hooked up this season. If you’ve recently welcomed a newborn the Slow Control Smart Baby Bottle will teach you exactly what is necessary to feed your child. A red light signals “not so good” while a green light is letting you know you are successful. Data that was typically tracked by writing it down (feeding times/amount of food) will now be sent to your smart phone and you and your baby’s pediatrician can easily access and track the feeding patterns. Amazon introduced Amazon Elements a line of baby products, including diapers and wipes, that are scanable with the company’s app to find out exactly what is being used to make the products. A smart pacifier, Pacifi, from Blue Maestro was also introduced. The pacifier can send info to your phone about when medicine was taken, can take temperature and most practical when a baby is crying the Pacifi will send an alert to your phone if the pacifier has been forgotten!

As your child grows let them know that monsters are not hiding under the bed with the SleepIQ bed from Sleep Number. Without anything being attached to the child sleep patterns are captured which is helpful in developing sleep routines. The bed also has nightlights and alerts parents when the kid is out of bed. For a more intense tracking buy your youngster a hereO watch complete with a GPS so your child’s whereabouts is always known. Sketchers developed a new gaming sneaker with the memory game Simon on the side of the shoe.
Finally there is a niftier way to brush your teeth with options from Kolibree and the Rainbow Bluetooth toothbrush from Vigilant. Both toothbrushes monitor what spots are missed in the mouth. Kolibree has the created the app Pirates and Kolibree Coach which making brushing more exciting with music and games to improve dental hygiene.

There you have it the latest and greatest in virtual parenting straight from the opening day at CES 2015!

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From the Shows: Preview of Spring/Summer ’14 faves!

We spent the weekend going through racks of clothes that will hit the shelves in the Spring/Summer and picking out what is undeniably Babesta! There were so many great styles, but just to whet the appetite (though let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, Fall isn’t even yet upon us), we’re showing you a quick glimpse of some things we were backflipping over!

fun spring summer

Babesta’s Finds at NYIGF

I've spent the last couple days hot footing it around NYIGF, checking out the latest & greatest from a lot of our favorite brands. I spent most of my time in Design & Baby and Child but was happy to catch a couple great finds from a section dubbed NY Newest.

From new twists on our fave funky backpacks  to pattern mixing on porcelin plates here's a mashup of things that will be on our store shelves soon or simply inspired us!



Babesta’s Faves at ENK Children’s Club: First thoughts

Had a great day enjoying ENK- Children's Club checking out all that will be new for Fall. This weekend was our first look! We saw some cool down jackets in vivid colors, funky socks with prints like monsters & foxes, poppy and fun accessories, copper metallics, infinity scarves and star prints galore! Already shaping up to be a strong fall season and we're not even in Spring!
Jordan 2

Nuu nuu
Anais and i 2
Andy and evan
Mellon shoe

Mellon 2