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Get Fit at Babesta!

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We discovered a nifty new app that’s set to revolutionize kids shopping! We all know that there is no standard sizing in kids’ wear, and when the newest must-have fashion collection comes in for back-to-school, you don’t want to accidentally buy the wrong size. The AlvaKids mobile app, available on ioS and Android,  finds the right size for your kids in each brand you love. It’s simple to use, you just make a quick profile for your child with a few details (age, height, weight, body proportion) and then when shopping online or in-store, grab your phone, choose the child you want to buy for, pick the brand, and let the magic happen. AlvaKids will tell you the perfect size to buy (note you can share with friends & family, otherwise, only you can see your kids’ info). What a relief it is to leave fit up to Alva (named after the original smartypants Thomas Alva Edison) so you can focus on the fashion.  Now that’s geek chic!

Visit Babesta Threads November 10-17 to get “fit” by the AlvaKids fit app and get 10% off your same-day purchases.* The AlvaKids app can help you get ready for your oh-so-fashionable holiday wish list!  Make your wish list at Babesta here!

*Offers cannot be combined.


Happy Back to School!

We’re totally enamored with the blog A Subtle Revelry, and all the delicious things they post and adored their “back to school” chalkboard cake with some good words to live by as you begin a new year! Find out the recipe (an many yummy more) at A Subtle Revelry. -SR


better chalk cake

Babesta Thumbs Up: Zombie Baby Costume Kickstarter Project!

I’m always paging through Kickstarter to find what cool ideas are out there. The last one we supported was Pool+, which met its funding requirements – the project was to build a floating swimming pool in the East River. (Tres cool, New Yorkers!)

This one is of a different variety! Zombie Babies!

With Halloween squarely in the lead as my favorite holiday, I think this Zombie Baby costume is spot on. It’s simple & out of the box & the horror-style video with the sweet baby with plush entrails hanging from their flannel button down warms your heart. (Waay to cute to be scary!)

Zombie Babiez

Good luck Stephanie Davidson! We at Babesta definitely think the Halloween costume business needs a little shaking up with some entrepreneurial costume options for the “i’m not dressing my baby like a pumpkin” set.



Take a Bite out of Babesta

Shark Week Draw a Shark

It’s that time of year again…. SHARK WEEK.  If you’re anything like us, the ocean makes you a little nervous right around now (what do you mean the Megalodon doc was fake?) but don’t let that keep you out of the water altogether.  With Boon Inc. Dive Bath Appliques and Yikes Twins Shark Towels inject bath time with some sharp, shark week friendly accessories.  Or maybe you’re a little extra inquisitive about what’s hiding in the deep; there’s A Strange Place to Call Home, Love the Earth, and What Animals Really Like to sate your curiosity.  And of course, there’s plenty of nautically inspired outfits to put together.  We’re especially into Native’s Jefferson Slip-On, La Miniatura’s Ocean Blue Jeans, and Beatrix’s Shark Gear.  There’s so much to take a bite out of for shark week, you might need a bigger shopping cart!

-LE, photos by S.R.

Wrong? Right? Left?

Dear our lovely UK followers!

Golly Gee! Remember the time you dropped the “clanger”? Or remember that embarrassing moment you felt “dim” or created a “dog’s dinner”? To all our lovely British friends over in the UK, you should all visit the funniest event that will take place on the 5th of July from 19:00-23:00 (9 PM- 11PM). It will be located in Wellcome Collection on 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE. Check out this site for directions via the tube, train, car, etc.

The Wrong event is free and is based on a first come first serve seating arrangement. There are 7 different sub-events that are listed here.

To shorten it, this Wrong event basically teaches us, humans, that being wrong is sometimes funny and is very acceptable. Everyone is wrong once in a while; people all make mistakes! “You, me, your doctor, a great politician on the telly” all are prone to making mistakes! You can come to confess a mistake you had made, learn about visual illusions and the way our brains work, discover different clown play, compete in games, listen to comic songs, etc. ! There will also be special featuring guests such as: Nish Kumar, Lee Hathaway, Jo Stephenson, Psychologist Amina Memon, director John Wright, and more! It will surely be a night filled with fun and excitement. There will be food and great music all night! How much better can it get?!

Throughout the night, they will surely tell funny stories that people have confessed ahead of time via the internet. You can submit yours here before the event if you would like it to be announced! (If you need a little kick before you submit your funny stories, you can also check out this site which ahs previous confessions!)

This event will be “Blinding” and  hilarious! Be sure to check it out!!

3D printers rock!

We are sort of obsessed with the concept of 3D printing around her at Babesta. It’s amazing how it changes manufacturing and opens the possibilities to custom goods and custom medicine. This is a heartwarming story we read about where children were given the gift of grasp thanks to these technological innovations.

After South African Richard Van As lost two fingers in an accident, he came across a Youtube video featuring a big puppet hand that acts like a human hand uploaded by Ivan Owen. He reached out and the two decided to collaborate to create a human sized hand. After a few tests, Van As was fitted with their first creation; and quickly managed to use the hand, picking up different sized items. A mother contacted them after hearing of it, to see if her child, born without fingers on his right hand because of a rare congenital condition called amniotic band syndrome (ABS), could benefit from their discovery. The duo then created a new hand for the 5 year old, which created a beautiful moment. “He bent his wrist and made the fingers curl. You could see the light bulbs go off and he looked up and said, ‘It copies me.’ It was really an incredible moment.”

At first, Van As and Owen had no financial support to purchase a 3D printer, so they had to mend the separate parts manually, which took weeks. After finalizing their robotic hand, they contacted Makerbot  to check if they produced their parts that would be printable using a 3D printer. Thankfully, Makerbot did, and they also went as far as to provide Van As and Owen a free printer, which really helped the duo start their project of Robohand. During the time of perfecting their hand using the 3D printer, the boy has raised money to help fit more than 100 children with Robohands, free of charge. They uploaded their perfected Robohand  on Thingiverse, a website in which people share their digital designs for others to download. This Robohand can be easily created with the low cost of $5. It is truly fascinating to see that 3D printing has taken the next step to help those in need. It is very touching to see that there are so many people who do good for this world. Rock on, Richard and Ivan!!

You can check out a full detail and audio of this story here. -LK

+ Pool, a super cool Kickstarter Campaign as seen on DesignTaxi

We are totally into this new project on Kickstarter that combines an environmental initiative  (cleaning up NYC’s waterways) and summer fun! Meet +Pool! Via Design Taxi. We invested! See ya at the pool in 2016! Read all about it here!

+Plus pool

Rock on, WSJ

As a former metal head (if you blur the line at Bon Jovi, Poison and Cinderella), I got a kick out of today’s culture spotlight on the front page of the WSJ. I guess it makes sense, as there are experts on everything, but there is something so compelling about the academic pursuit of heavy metal, and scholarly works about GWAR’s social context and significance. My heavy metal days, big hair and big crush on Axl Rose are behind me, unless and until, that is, I head to karaoke, where it all comes tumbling back like a badge of head-banging honor.

Check out the article here: 

Babesta Rock Hand One Piece

Babesta Rock Hand One Piece