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Jungle Room by Dwell Studio

dwell studio jungle print sheets furniture babesta modern furniture kids nursery

Elvis isn’t the only one with a jungle room. This fanciful bedding by DwellStudio, featuring animals galore in a fitted sheet and bumper, can transform your New York nursery into a safari adventure!  The “wild” pattern also finds its way onto sleep sacks, play blankets and more.  The exotic animals will feel right at home in your home, especially if accessorized with a Mid-Century crib, changing table and bookshelf also courtesy of the style setters at Dwell!


Nursery & Youth Furniture Madness! Spot on Square Promo ends 3/31

Spot on Square sale at BabestaIf you’re in the market for a nursery or new twin bed, it’s time to hop to! The March promotion for Spot on Square is coming to an end. Enjoy 15% off until March 31 on the Eicho, Ulm and Hiya Collections! Roh collection not included. Shop All Spot on Square.

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For Those About to Rock! Choosing a Rocker, Glider or Recliner

monte design at Babesta

Today’s rockers aren’t your grandmother’s rockers. They’re sleek, modern and can work as easily in nurseries as they can in living rooms. And gliders, once large, clunky eye sores, are now high style contemporary nursery-musts, available in tweed, micro suede and leather—some even go so far as to kick back and recline.

Choosing between a host of good options may make decision-making even harder of course. Tribeca Pregnancy and Parenting Education Director Erica Lyons confirms, “There’s no real difference for soothing a child,” when choosing between a glider and rocker. But for families with toddlers, she adds, gliders have an added benefit: “Gliders don’t rock on little hands—but as long as mom is aware of no little fingers under the rocking chair, either is fine.”

Ralph Montemurro, co-owner of Monte Design Group, a family owned Canadian company founded on the concept of locally manufactured chic chairs, gives his own take. “A glider is great because it is a quiet, stable option that looks great in any room—and the glider-recliner gives you that and the ability to put your feet up and lay back. A rocker, on the other hand, is a classic choice because of its timeless style and design, and, with no moving parts, can last generations.”

Montemurro says he and his wife Michelle started Monte Design after successfully identifying a void in the market, and notes, designing a better nursery chair wasn’t easy. In fact, they made 40-50 prototypes of the original Luca glider (named after their third child) before going to market.  Since then, they’ve been manufacturing gliders and rockers in Canada, without seeing a trend in preference between gliding and rocking. It seems in the end, it comes down to personal preference and aesthetic taste.

So, what do you say? Are you going to rock or glide?

Whatever you choose, we salute you.

Some questions to ask after you’ve decided to rock or glide

Is it easy to clean? Is it comfortable? Does it fit in with my decor?  Is it easy to get out of (not too low)?  Where is it made? How is it made?


Just roll with it: Home decorating has gone to the kids

A moment of distraction, an instant with my eyes elsewhere and my beautiful sofa had become an impromptu art project for my two girls. Sheer horror. I  quickly looked up every chemical compound known to man, additional covers, and anything else to cover up this call to creativity. (Lesson: Never take your eyes off a 2 year old!). Now, years later, I’ve come across (albeit and old article) from the New York Times of a mother who decided to embrace the chaos and celebrate it in her house. And, it works! Check it out!


Extra Toys? No Problem! Make them a Design Element

cartoon chair by campana brothers

Ever since being wowed by the Campana brothers from Brazil, have I been looking longingly at the old toys that have piled up over the years. Here are some inventive solutions for the surplus after they have been played into the ground!

car mirror Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 4.32.25 PMfreyda jobbins

upcycled lamp

Have other ideas? Let us know about them!

Car Mirror via Pinterest; Face sculptures by Freyda Jobbins seen on Laughing Squid; Lamp via Style Motivation

Check out more on Babesta’s Pinterest Page!

Need more toys to accumulate :) ))) Shop Toys at Babesta.

New Year, New Room! Making the transition to big kid bed & room in style!

The start of the year means New Year’s Resolutions and one that we hear all the time: a pledge to spruce up the kids’ rooms! If this was on your 2014 to-dos, we have some room-inspiration for you.

Coolest kids furniture



Upgrading to big-boy / big-girl bed: Moving from a crib to a toddler bed or a toddler bed to a twin (or if you jump step two, a crib to a twin) is a big rite of passage for a kid! If you decide to go the toddler bed route, first consider getting the conversion kit for your crib. Try to anticipate your need – these things go in and out of stock and  you don’t want to order when your child has one leg over the rail of her crib!

Shown: the Eicho crib by Spot on Square with its toddler rail option.

oliv conversion kit

If you’re crib is earmarked for child #2, then forget the toddler rail: You have to choose between a toddler bed & a twin.In the city, many take the toddler route for its small size and the fact that it’s built for a little one. Twin beds, as they serve everyone from kid to adult, aren’t usually made anticipating a two year old’s needs. So you’d have to look for one with curved edges or not-too-dangerous corners, that is low (ideally) and able to have a toddler rail. You want to think of one that can have a trundle – ideal for the inevitable sleepovers in your future. Note that for those who are moving from crib to twin, sometimes the twin bed you’ll buy for a two year old isn’t the same one you’d pick for your 5, 8 or 12 year old. Try to pick one with “staying power!”

The Monte Dorma (pictured) is a great choice with upholstery, trundle if you want – safe and totally staying power!] The Spot on Square Eicho Twin Bed and the  Sparrow Twin by Oeuf are others fit the bill well, relatively low, the Eicho sleek & simple and the Oeuf more classic-modern with a sleigh bed-type styling; both have a trundle option.

Monte dorma bed

Once you make your decision, make sure you also nab an organic mattress, ideally with two sides, one waterproof for when they are younger, and one quilted for later. Shop Twin Beds!

Taking the plunge to bunk? For city folk this is a popular solution. Urbanites are short on space and a stacked sleeping situation is ideal. But for kids, you have to be sure that they’re old enough and ready for the responsibility. If they are, then you want to decide on a model : we like models that offer the opportunity to split, just in case down the road you want to change your bedding configuration and would rather two twin beds or a lofted bed and a twin. Some of our faves: Oeuf Perch, Nurseryworks Duet and Duc Duc NY bunk system.  Shop Bunk Beds!

Nurseryworks bunk bed

If you decide to bunk, choose your organic mattresses and be sure the top bunk mattress fits the requirements of the bed – normally they have to be thinner than a normal mattress (“trundle” mattresses).

Storage, storage, storage. You can never have enough storage, especially if you’re a city dweller with kids (and no basement playroom). Choose some open shelving for easily accessible books and goodies. [We adore this Radcliffe shelving (below) by Jonathan Adler, a luxe addition to a kids room for board books and decor] And a closed storage for items that are intrinsically disorganized or are best put away (rainbow loom anyone?). Oeuf also makes the Toy Store which is a pretty cool storage unit that suits things that are in many pieces or are hard to store otherwise: make a section for Legos, Playmobil characters, Dunnys, whatever they are collecting and is in and out often and a bear to put away. Shop Storage!


Decor you both love! This is your time to let your child’s loves shine–unicorns, jungle, urban jungle, things that go – whatever they love, you want to go with, while keeping it tasteful, modern and clean. Check our faves Crowded Teeth and local artist Gregoire Gantor.  Shop Art!

tribeca print gregoire gantor

Want to shop some of our favorite youth furniture: Check out our selection of twin beds and bunk beds by Oeuf, Spot on Square, Duc Duc NYC and more, Storage by Jonathan Adler, Oeuf, Spot on Square, Nurseryworks and more; Playtables and Desks by Duc Duc NYC and Bloom Baby and Decor from a host of designers and artists like Gregoire Gantor and Crowded Teeth.