Auction at Cosmopolitan Cafe on 95 West Broadway

 Let’s toast our ice cream cones to the Cosmopolitan Cafe on West Broadway. We’re sad to see this cute café leave, but be sure to visit its sister café, which is right around the corner, on 125 Chambers Street! There were so many items for auction today as the smaller space closed, including handpicked vintage pictures of local haunts, antique signs, candy displays and antique ice cream bowls. Lucky locals snapped up wonderful scoops of history, as this space points forward to the future. Good luck to Craig and the lovely crew who ran this absolutely charming neighborhood cafe. 

cosmo_auction8 cosmo_auction9

Cosmopolitan Cafe's beautiful atmosphere

Cosmopolitan Cafe’s beautiful atmosphere

cosmo_cafe2 cosmo_front

Cosmopolitan Cafe finds up for auction

Cosmopolitan Cafe finds up for auction

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